Hand Measurement System

The Manu3 scans the hand and fingers in 30 milliseconds and produces a permanent digital report in 2-3 minutes. This portable desktop capture device is fast and accurate and will reduce the time spent on manual measuring and administrative tasks and allow for more time to focus on therapy and treatment.

Manu3 Hand Measurement System

The Manu3 is a touchless, portable, desktop device that measures the anatomical dimensions of the hand and fingers in lengths and circumferences. There is no need to touch or manipulate your patient’s hand during the measurement process which greatly reduces pain and minimizes the risk of infection associated with open wounds.

The Manu3 simultaneously takes 2 photos of the hand and the fingers from 2 different angles. Not only does it capture the dimensions with a high rate of accuracy, but it produces an electronic record that reduces the possibility of transcription errors.

Features and Benefits


  • Reduces risk of infection to patient or contamination to environment.
  • Reduces pain/anxiety felt by patient, creating a calm, therapeutic environment.
  • Eliminates any need for manipulation of the hand and fingers.


  • 30 milliseconds to capture anatomical data.
    • Improved productivity of personnel time and resources.
    • Enhanced convenience for patients and clinicians.
  • 3 minutes to produce the anatomical measurements and electronic report.
    • Clinicians are able to focus their time on therapy rather than measurements.
    • Easier to work with pediatric or mentally challenged patients.


  • Enables accurate, effective, and on-time compression therapy for patients.
  • Reduces the need for repeating measurements or re-doing gloves.
  • Enhances communication of clinical observations to compression glove manufacturers.
  • Contains highly repeatable, objective data that eliminates user-induced measurement variations.


  • Can easily be utilized by a wide range of clinical users.
  • Training first-time clinical users takes only 60-90 minutes.


  • Convenient and easy to transport for use in multiple locations.


  • Takes just 3 minutes to produce an actionable, permanent electronic report containing photographic data.
  • Permanent records can easily be shared electronically between Healthcare Professionals.

It’s Easier To Take Measurements with the Manu3 System

The Manu3 Hand Measurement Tool captures the lengths and circumferences of the hand and fingers to provide the required data to fabricate both compression gloves in the treatment of burns or lymphedema and prosthetic gloves for the selection and fabrication of gloves for amputees.

The process of measuring the hand takes place in two phases:

  1. The Image capture of the hand using the Manu3 and
  2. The measuring of the hand using the M3M software on your PC.

Integrate the Manu3 seamlessly in your practice

Our simple touch and tap technology will save you time and reduce critical errors associated with manually measuring. Learn more about our simple 2 step process for measuring the hand.

Designed with three things in mind—speed, accuracy and ease of use—our innovative technology is built for clinicians who want to save time, provide a comfortable experience for their patients and improve efficiency associated with hand measurements.

Learn how the Manu3 was designed for your practice. Request a demo today!

Support you can trust

The Manu3 Hand Measurement System comes with world class support. We will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide a road map to success from implementation to training and on-going support.

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